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Ads in Station or Station Building / Promotional Media
Free magazine racks/ Signboards, Posters/ Ad pillars/ Floor ads/ Stickers for automatic ticket gates/ Station events, etc.
Train Media
Ads in Train/Promotional Media
Hanging posters/ Above-the-window ads/ Next-to-the-door ads/Above-the-door ads/Stickers/ Wrapping ads/ Digital screens, etc.
Media for Station-front Commercal Area
Advertising in Station-front streets/Promotional media
Free magazine racks/ Sales promotion media, etc.
Public Relations / Marketing Research and Analysis / Online media
PR activity support/ Marketing research/ Website design/ Recruitment ads in free magazines, etc.
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Train Media

Advertising in trains has a high level of visibility, appealing to a wide variety of passengers on each targeted line. The ad will be exposed to every passenger for certain duration regardless of his or her choice. The characteristic, creating "ads-must-be-read" situations sets it apart from other methods.
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Hanging Posters

Hung from the center of the car and presented at the passengers’ eye level, it delivers timely information. This is a suitable method for the introduction of new products/services including newly released books and magazines.
B3 size and/or double size are available. For further information please contact us.

Hanging poster

Above- the- window ads, above- the- door ads, next- to- the door ads

These types of ads are displayed above the windows, above the door, or next to the door. As they can be displayed for a longer period than hanging posters, it provides high cost effectiveness. B3 size and/or double size are available. Displaying in different positions simultaneously can create more impact.

URL or search keywords displayed on the ad will lead your potential customers to your online media, which offers more detailed information. If you are considering ads above the window, above the door, or next to the door, please contact us.

Above the window ads


They can be displayed on the window, above the door, or next to the door
Placed at around your eye level, they are easily noticed. They stand out naturally to attract attention. For stickers, the contract term of display is longer. The repeated exposure makes it possible for your marketing message to be absorbed by the passengers. If you are considering using stickers or need more information, please contact us.


Wrapped vehicles, Screens

Wrapped vehicles provide superior marketing exposure. We can enjoy the ad as we get on the train, or while waiting on the platform. Other options include using small digital screens placed above the door of a JR train, or an AD train which is filled with a large number of ads for one individual company's products −this style is called Media Jack, short for media hijack.

If you are considering using wrapped vehicles or screens, or for further information please contact us.

Wrapped vehicles

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