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Watac International connects client companies with consumers via various media and advertisements in such places as stations, trains, and station-front commercial areas, creating the best communication environments available. We support our customers from the advertising campaign planning stages through measuring the effectiveness of the campaign.

Stations, trains, station-front commercial areas are trafficked by hundreds of thousands of people daily, offering the best opportunity for area-specified marketing approach. Transit advertising in stations or trains, and free magazines positioned at streets or local areas, which can be connected to online media, play an important role in this cross media age.

Watac International focuses on "information dissemination via stations, trains, and station-front commercial area." We use the most optimal methods available to help our clients appeal to their target markets. Our clientele includes all types of business or organization such as private companies, medical institutions, education institutions, etc.

By sharply targeting station users, we effectively transmit information to your potential customers.

Station Media Train Media
Station Media Train Media

Ads in Station or Station Building / Promotional Media
Free magazine racks
Signboards, Posters
Ad pillars
Floor ads
Stickers for automatic ticket gates
Station events, etc.

Ads in Train/Promotional Media
Hanging posters
Above-the-window ads
Next-to-the-door ads
Above-the-door ads
Wrapping ads
Digital screens, etc.
ont Commercal Area Surveys/OnlineMedia
ont Commercal Area PCimage
Advertising in Station-front streets/Promotional media
Free magazine racks
Sales promotion media, etc.
Public Relations / Marketing Research and Analysis / Online media
PR activity support
Marketing research
Website design
Recruitment ads in free magazines, etc.

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