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Advertising in stations and station-buildings

The daily traffic of people at a major station amounts to over a million. The use of various advertising and promotional media targeting station users is one of the best strategies for corporate branding or the one that requires the characteristics of the area to be taken into consideration. Combining stations advertising with train advertising and/or online advertising will boost further advertising effects.

Free Magazine Rack (Brochure Rack)

A hot medium, "the free magazine market" constitutes an annual market segment of 290 million copies of 1200 magazines throughout Japan (in fiscal 2005, according to Japan Free Newspapers Association). Free magazines are circulated by using a rack placed in specific areas, through direct distribution (handing out of samples) or by delivery to members. We, at Watac International conduct the planning of the installation of racks at stations to enhance the circulation of free magazines.
In comparison with free magazines positioned on the street or in shops, the ones in the high traffic stations are more likely to be taken. We propose the optimum usage of station/station-building for free-magazine distribution.

In addition to the above services, we deal with the tailored free magazine racks modified to produce better effect through alteration of the walls and signboards in the station. If your company wishes to distribute a free magazine in a more efficient way or to consider tie-up campaigns, please contact us..

Free magazine rack


Signboards vary in design and size depending on the location of the installation within the station−at the wicket gate, passageways, stairs, or platform. The one with illumination is also available. Signboards in stations provide outstanding visibility as they are displayed on a long-term basis, and are suitable for area specific promotion.
The use of multiple or simultaneous displays set up at different stations along a particular line will serve to reach out to target customers maximally. Signboards are widely used by such clients as manufactures of daily commodities, medical facilities, and private and public educational institutions, and so on. They also enable effective corporate/product branding and serve to attract customers to your facility or shop, via the area specified marketing approach.

Including a URL or search keyword on your poster will allow you to invite potential customers to visit your website where you can provide more information.


As well as regular signboards, we also develop a variety of media including "Takadanobaba Geki-Uma Ramen Navi" and "Admarine". They are a collection of presently popular Chinese noodle restaurants in Takadanobaba and a unique advertising medium using a water tank, respectively.

If you are considering advertising with signboards, or need further information, please contact us.

Ramen Navi


Posters at a station have a immediate effect for a specific period of time, thus making them the most suitable advertising method for such activities as short-term product campaigns.
Available sizes include B0, B1 and B2. The display period unit is 1 week.

Various set products focusing on specific stations or target segments are effective for your large scale campaigns, or any type of campaign which requires area marking.
Our unique options include "Suica poster". When a customer touches the IC reader of the poster using Suica (electric money card), various information or coupons will be sent to you.
If you are considering the use of posters or need further information, please contact us.

Sales Promotion Media (Ad-pillar, floor advertising, sticker on automatic wicket gate, etc.)

Different types of media are available in a station premises or a station-building such as ad-pillar, pillars wrapped with advertising material, and floor advertising. These unique media have a strong impact, producing highly effective branding result within a short period of time by successfully attracting users’ attention.
If you are considering the use of SP media or need further information , please contact us.

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