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Ads in Station or Station Building / Promotional Media
Free magazine racks/ Signboards, Posters/ Ad pillars/ Floor ads/ Stickers for automatic ticket gates/ Station events, etc.
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Ads in Train/Promotional Media
Hanging posters/ Above-the-window ads/ Next-to-the-door ads/Above-the-door ads/Stickers/ Wrapping ads/ Digital screens, etc.
Media for Station-front Commercal Area
Advertising in Station-front streets/Promotional media
Free magazine racks/ Sales promotion media, etc.
Public Relations / Marketing Research and Analysis / Online media
PR activity support/ Marketing research/ Website design/ Recruitment ads in free magazines, etc.
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Media in Station-Front Commercial Area

Targeting the passers-by in front of a station, this media enables local-based advertising and/or promotion for station-front stores, facilities, or streets. This kind of media can be used for the distribution of free magazines, event/campaign notices to attract potential customers to particular stores and facilities.
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Free Magazine Racks (Brochure Racks)

Free Magazine RacksWe support the distribution of free magazines by placing free magazine racks at busy store-fronts, building walls, or in front of popular stores. We investigate and advise the best station-front locations. Positioning free magazines in such high traffic areas is the best way to increase their value as an advertising medium.
We also take measures to protect against rain and water along with routine maintenance.
We develop our own original media, for example, a rack shaped like the sign of a noodle restaurant which is linked with the “Takadanobaba Gekiuma Ramen Navi,” a collection of popular Chinese noodle restaurants in Takadanobaba. If you wish to efficiently distribute free magazines in front of the station, or if you wish to lend installation space for such racks, or are considering various types of tie-up, please contact us. If you own a building or a piece of land in front of the station and are interested in rack installation, please contact Watac International. Leasing the space as side business will bring you some extra income.

Sales Promotion Media
(Flag advertising, Wrapping of advertising vehicles)

We handle various sales promotion tools aimed at passersby in front of a station such as advertising flag with your shop's name printed and wrapped advertisement vehicles. These media best serve for sales promotion campaign that requires specific timing and area identification, such as announcement of a new or renovated- stores opening or discount offers.
If you are considering the use of various sales promotion media in front of the station, or need further information, please contact us.

Flag advertising, Wrapping of advertising vehicles

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